Africa has one of the lowest rates of entrepreneurship in the world and just like any other underdeveloped country youth unemployment remains an area of concern. Entrepreneurship education is virtually absent from formal curricula (MoEST,2015; World Bank, 2010). RISE’s research and development team believes a new approach to entrepreneurship education is needed to help change this. We want to help our youth to develop the outlook, mind-set and attitude they need to become future leaders, industrialist, innovators and millionaires. Entre-Psych Education is a model that uses personal development and psychotherapy methodologies to conditional high-growth, high-scale, high-impact and funding worthy entrepreneurs.


RISE is a school by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, most schools lack real entrepreneurial teaching, this made us rethink entrepreneurship education and solve the complex puzzle. We decided to do some things differently, by taking a tour guide approach rather than a travel agent approach.

Content and modules are designed to facilitate the entrepreneurial mindset, to encourage personal development and to stimulate entrepreneurs to give a contribution to the economy. In the fast-changing world and the impact of the 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR), it is hard to predict the jobs of the future, it is therefore imperative for entrepreneurs to be equipped to create value, while remaining adaptable and agile.

Riva School for Entrepreneurship is a school without a school, unlike a normal school – we don’t teach in the typical classroom setup, but in the heart of the community of entrepreneurship. With most innovative and ground-breaking educational solutions of learning and interaction, we educate future entrepreneurs in a flexible and agile way. We are creating entrepreneurship education we wish we had ourselves. Global School for Entrepreneurship is a platform/eco-system rather than a generic school. It’s about applied science, bringing state of the art theory in practice by learning through doing.

Training Include:

  • Personal Development
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
  • Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy (REBT)
  • Emotional Freedom Therapy (ATF)
  • Thought Field Therapy (TFT)
  • Psychology of Marketing, Finance Management, Success and Leadership
  • Practical Entrepreneurial Skills



Entrepreneurs more often than not, does not have a specific person to discuss his/her business difficulties, strategic ideas or other business goals with. Each of our entrepreneurs receives a team of entrepreneurial Guides who will be “mentors” on strategy, finance, marketing, sales, and personal development. Our Guides are entrepreneurs regarded as the crème da le crème of business “mentors”. They are highly trained, highly selected, and full time, ensuring that entrepreneurs receive high quality experience and interaction tol help move their business to the next level.

Business Coaching is the ultimate tool to achieve massive results – in fact, some of the most wildly successful companies and entrepreneurs on the planet rely on coaches. Through our Business Coaching, entrepreneurs will get 1:1 meetings every 10-14 days and expert guidance to keep them on track for 12-18 month period. During these meetings, they’ll set clear goals and map action plans to achieve them, break through limiting beliefs that are holding them back, and identify opportunities and strategies for creating geometric business growth.

Our Coaches are trained in proven methodologies and techniques, which have helped thousands of businesses, entrepreneurs and executive management teams experience renewed success and exponential growth.


RISE and its Partner’s aims to deliver the best programmes to help advance the entrepreneurial journey. The ESD helps entrepreneurs to build up their business from basic idea stage to industrialist, this is achieved through mentorship, back office support, market access, funding support, and toolkits and packages which includes:

  • Access to suitable markets
  • Providing multiple clients to improve on their sustainability.
  • Access to funding
  • Providing the right finance at the right business cycle.
  • Access to business development is designed for entrepreneurs who are in the process of starting or launching their new venture. The programme focuses on the identified market opportunity, scrumming and helping with the launch of the startup; Growth Strategy; and how best to finance and ensure that the start-up is profitable.
  • Mentoring related to technical support required for scaling a business.The entrepreneur will leverage existing expertise from proven successful methodologies.


“It takes a village to raise a child” is an African proverb that means that an entire community must interact with children for those children to experience and grow in a safe and healthy environment.

Entrepreneurship is inherently lonely; research burnout has shown that entrepreneurship can be a lonely journey. It is, however, mostly ignored and rarely discussed. The Gallup Wellbeing Index showed that 60% of entrepreneurs report being stressed compared to 42% of “other workers. Loneliness leads to depression, stress, anxiety and can cause a range of mental illnesses. On this journey, entrepreneurs are required to make personal investment with their mental health. Most talented, successful and driven entrepreneurs are, most often, the most depressed lacking the feeling of fulfilment and feeling isolated. They’re stuck in a mental corner, from an outsider’s perspective, that might seem a bit crazy. How can someone who has created their own destiny, been accomplished and driven success, feel this way? This is the side academics not seen and/or understand.

Our holistic approach to Entrepreneurs Village is about creating a sense of community, home and family. Where entrepreneurs can support each other, through openly sharing their stories about their entrepreneurship journey, without feeling judged. Here our foremost priority is the emotional welfare and mental health of the entrepreneurs.

Some of village activities include:

  • Peer network/emotional support

Having a network of peers to act as your support system of sorts can be crucial.  For many entrepreneurs the experience can be isolating, because your spouse and friends may not be entrepreneurs and can’t relate to your day-to-day stresses or concerns.  It’s so helpful to have a support system of peers who can share lessons learned, respond to your latest idea, recommend a resource for your village or even provide a lead on a new client.

  • Africa Talks & Entrepreneurship Talks (E-Talks)

A platform where entrepreneurs, directors and senior executives in both the public and private sector of business will showcase their products and services to the digital world. With business documentaries & how businesses can grow strategically, we will cover all aspects of their business, latest business world updates, happenings in the corporate world & all sort of Business News. “You are who you associate yourself with”


Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, US President Warren Harding and Harvey Firestone camping together in 1921.

When you meet someone better than yourself, turn your thoughts to becoming his equal. When you meet someone not as good as you are, look within and examine your own self.” – Confucius